The Division of Student Affairs strives to develop and implement high quality, innovative, student-focused programs and traditions that result in graduates who are satisfied and successful. Along those lines, we have identified the following strategic initiatives:

  1. Foster an inclusive environment where all individuals are valued and engaged.
  2. Equip staff with the education and development necessary to achieve excellence in services and programs.
  3. Utilize assessment and evaluation to enhance quality and accountability.
  4. Engage and empower students through learning and development opportunities.
  5. Communicate the purpose and value of Student Affairs and its impact on student success.
  6. Engage internal and external stakeholders in strategic partnerships to enhance and promote a holistic student experience.
  7. Provide quality facilities and utilize technology to enhance and improve delivery of programs and services.

Student Affairs staff follow these guiding principles:

  • Education and advocacy.
  • Integrity.
  • Inclusion.
  • Quality service.
  • Research and innovation.
  • Excellence and accountability.
  • Commitment to community involvement and service.

Commitment to High Quality Service

Student Affairs is committed to putting students first, and recognizing and respecting the needs and rights of all individuals.

Our promise to students includes:

  • Treating them with courtesy, respect and professionalism.
  • Identifying ourselves by name.
  • Listening and responding appropriately.
  • Conducting ourselves with efficiency, integrity, fairness and concern.
  • Providing relevant, accurate information.
  • Actively seeking students' feedback.

If problems occur, we will:

  • Earnestly strive to deliver immediate solution.
  • Always advise of other possible actions.
  • Confirm the problem has been resolved.
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